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 A Sunrise From the Edge of Space

During a recent World View test flight, cameras captured something magnificent. A perspective that reminds us of the majesty of our planet – the gift of a breathtaking sunrise from the edge of space.


A Sunrise from the Edge of Space from World View on Vimeo.




There is a strong connection between ocean and space exploration, both in terms of technology as well as in the spirit of discovery. Over the last few years, Nauticos has been working with World View Enterprises, a company that is developing a system to loft a manned capsule to the edge of space using a stratospheric balloon. At 100,000 feet, Voyagers will see the black of space, the atmosphere below, and the curvature of the earth, as shown in this test flight footage. The World View system will be used for science, technology, and tourism. See




Read the New York Times article from October 24, 2014 about the journey to the edge of space by following this link.

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