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Amelia Earhart Radio Tests

Nauticos conducts Amelia Earhart radio tests.

Dynamic Aviation’s Beech-18 aircraft Amelia

At the end of September a team from Nauticos, Dynamic Aviation, and the historic vessel Nellie Crocket gathered in Cape Charles Virginia to take another step towards solving the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Months of planning and two weeks of preparation lead to a very successful series of flights. The weather cooperated with blue skies and calm seas as the specially-configured Beech-18 aircraft (a Lockheed Electra lookalike) flew 200 miles out to sea and transmitted while a team on the vessel Nellie Crockett listened. Thanks to the dedicated team, cooperation from local authorities, and support from 2017 Expedition sponsor Alan Eustace the day was an unqualified success!

Amelia Earhart Radio Test video

Lots of valuable data was collected and awaits analysis. Stay tuned for results!